Plenty of help available!
This website contains documents, a link to the source code as well as data and scripts that should allow you to get started with using RAPID. Just read the documents, download the code, example input/output data and you should be able to run RAPID on your own. The publications also contain a lot of valuable information.

Need more help?
If you need information on using RAPID that is not included here or in the RAPID publications, please don't hesitate to get in touch as feedback is enthusiastically appreciated and new users welcome! However, if you need help that goes beyond using RAPID as is, please consider: 1) inviting Cédric in your research proposals, 2) including Cédric as a co-author of the corresponding RAPID-related scientific papers and/or 3) inviting Cédric to your institution.
In other words: help Cédric help you!

Want to contribute?
If you want to contribute to the tutorials on this website, to the RAPID code, or if you think of other ways in which you could contribute, your suggestions are welcome!