General information
Welcome to the home of the Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) Science Team (ST) Working Group (WG) on "Continental-scale hydrologic/hydraulic ('hydro') model inter-comparison". The core of this effort is currently funded by NASA under Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences (ROSES) sollicitation NNH15ZDA001N-SWOT: Surface Water and Ocean Topography Science Team, although most members are volunteer participants.

Here is the current list of members.
But the more the merrier! If you're interested in joining the team, please dont hesitate to get in touch.

Experimental design
The experimental design is currently ongoing for the Mississippi River Basin and includes information on all the data used as well as the sources from which they are to be obtained.

We hold monthly teleconferences, some of the material used in the past are provided below.
2016-07-29 Agenda
2016-07-29 Presentation C. David (fixed typo)
2016-07-29 Summary
2016-08-31 Agenda
2016-08-31 Presentation C. David
2016-08-31 Presentation K. Andreadis
2016-08-31 Summary
2016-10-03 Agenda
2016-08-31 Presentation E. Beighley
2016-08-31 Presentation R. Paiva
2016-10-03 Summary
2016-11-07 Agenda
2016-11-07 Presentation D. Yamazaki
2016-11-07 Summary
2016-12-05 Agenda
2016-12-05 Presentation H. Kim
2016-12-05 Summary
2017-01-12 Agenda
2017-01-12 Presentation K. Andreadis
2017-01-12 Summary
2017-02-07 Agenda
2017-02-07 Presentation C. David
2017-02-07 Summary
2017-03-28 Agenda
2017-03-28 Presentation G. Schumann
2017-03-28 Summary
2017-04-17 Agenda
2017-04-17 Presentation D. Ikeshima
2017-04-17 Summary
2017-05-23 Agenda
2017-05-23 Presentation C. Fisher
2017-05-23 Summary
2017-11-14 Agenda
2017-11-14 Presentation C. David
2017-11-14 Summary